Title : The Zutshi-Smith Scholarship
Granting Agency: Tenable at Bristol University, UK
Qualifications : The scholarship is open to all Indian students, with a preference for students of Kashmiri origin. Students from all disciplines currently represented at the University of Bristol can apply.
Age :
Nationality : Indian
Award Amount : Full funding for PhD (4 years)
Procedure : The scholarship provides complete flexibility with regards to the subject area covered by the PGR (provided that the student and their proposed research are accepted by the Graduate Admissions Board of the University of Bristol).
Deadline : February
Title : Education grant/travel grant
Granting Agency: Ratan Tata Trust and Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust
Qualifications : Student or Professional - PhD with regular position in research institute, Indian nationality
Age :
Nationality :
Award Amount : Partial airfare
Procedure : A travel grant application can be made with the following documents A written application from the student / professional Statement of purpose Updated resume In case of students, confirmed admission letter from the university abroad stating details of admission (no email accepted) In case of professionals, letter of invitation from organisers (no emails accepted), along with letter of leave of absence from employers
Deadline : Students - May 31, Professionals - 4 months prior to departure
Title : L'OREAL India For Young Women in Science
Granting Agency: L'OREAL
Qualifications : Women who have passed Class XI (Delhi/NCR & Maharastra) Minimum 85% PCM/PCB. Should be in the current academic year.
Age :
Nationality : Indian
Award Amount : Upto 2.5 Lacs over 4 years
Procedure : Application form on website
Deadline :