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IndiaBioscience is a non-profit science outreach initiative created to fulfill the niche gap within the Life Science sector in India. IBS is envisioned to function as a catalyst organization that will invigorate the various activities associated with establishing a strong hold for scientific research on the global scene – this includes recruitment, networking, collaborations, research oriented education and science communication.

The very idea for IndiaBioscience stemmed at the first Young Investigator’s Meeting in 2009 where the desperate need for an informational and interactive forum became apparent. Thereby leading to creation of IBS as a platform that caters to the rapidly increasing needs of the life science community in India as well overseas.

IndiaBioscience as an organization aims to

i)     Promote and disseminate information regarding the research environment and opportunities in India throughout the year.

ii)    Develop and conduct a tandem program for engaging with the Indian diasporas overseas and providing information and mentorship to facilitate their  return to take up research careers in India, and therefore contribute to the evolving scope of the meetings and workshops program.

iii)   Programs engaging the Indian Universities, Administrators, Policy makers and the educators in an attempt to rejuvenate the system.

iv)   Develop activities and programs that engage life science professionals in different stages of their careers as well as different careers on a single platform to network and collaborate

v)    Develop and conduct activities engaging students  as well as postdoctoral fellows

vi)   Function as a nodal organization for exchange of scientific expertise



Nandini Rajamani Robin

Nandini's career reflects two interests, conducting primary research and working with the larger community of science. Her research focuses on the evolutionary biology of ecological patterns, traits, and behaviour, and the consequences of these adaptations on the ecology of species. Outside of her research, she has been involved in several initiatives to encourage as well as communicate science. nandini [at] indiabioscience [dot] org 

Harini Barath

Harini Barath
Program Manager (Science Communication)

Harini is a physicist by training. Her research uses spectroscopic techniques, including Raman and neutron scattering, to reveal the structure and behavior of materials under extreme physical conditions. More recently, she has developed an active interest in communicating the excitement of science to a larger audience. Through science writing, she contributes to science research and education in ways that reach further than the laboratory. harini [at] indiabioscience [dot] org 

Deepti Chandraprakash

Deepti Chandraprakash
Program Associate 

With a Master's and work experience in bioinformatics, Deepti has been exposed to diverse work cultures in different countries. She has also been part of young research team in NCBS focused on bacterial expression system. Her aim is to enhance the thrust and reach of basic science coupled with the ability to connect to a larger varied community of students and researchers, in places across India and abroad. deepti [at] indiabioscience [dot] org


 Advisory Board


Satyajit Mayor

Satyajit Mayor

Director, NCBS


LS Shashidhara


Coordinator and Professor, Biology


Ronald ValeRon Vale

Professor, Dept. of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Investigator, HHMI
University of California, San Francisco


 K VijayRaghavanK. Vijayraghavan

Secretary, Dept. of Biotechnology
New Delhi


Subhash Lakhotia

Subash Lakhotia

Professor Emeritus,Banaras Hindu University,


Jyotsna DhawanJyotsna Dhawan

Dean, InStem


Past Team Members 


Athulaprabha MurthyAthulaprabha Murthi


Swetha SureshSwetha Suresh


                               Arnab Chakraborty

    Arnab Chakraborty  

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