Bio-Incubators :- Bringing Ideas to Life

bioincubatorMore often than not scientific researchers stumble across scientific discoveries that can be either patented or be commercially viable when intended for a production scale up. For example consider an anti cancer therapeutic agent discovered in the confinements of lab, the researcher has a great opportunity if he decides to patent it and sell it to a pharmaceutical company. So how is it realized? The solution is Bio-Incubator.

What are Bio-Incubators?

Bio- incubators are active programs designed to provide services and infrastructure that help initiate and develop scientific inventions and contribute towards the formation of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources. Bio-Incubators provide a supportive helping hand across key areas such as management, finance, give incubates exposure to critical business and technical support resources as well as provide the opportunity to network with other incubatees and entrepreneurs through workshops/seminars and events . ”The infrastructural resources may include office space and expandable spaces and/or labs (wet or dry), , libraries and other related facilities through apportionment. Some Bioincubators also provide incubates with access to general lab equipment as part of the incubation package and access to more sophisticated technologies at cost. It is vital that start ups are guided and nurtured properly through avenues such as incubators to try and establish themselves as successful ventures and grow to become established companies..

Goals and Objectives:-

    • A business incubator’s main goal is to aid in development of successful firms that will leave the program financially viable and freestanding.

    • Provides access to appropriate rental laboratory space and flexible leases on operating laboratory equipments and technology support services

    • Abets development of ideas , creativity , innovation and technology transfer

    • Helps in building consensus and scientific interest among research organizations by condensing the physical barriers between research institutes, educational institutes and life science companies and increasing scientific partnerships

Services Rendered by Bio-Incubator

  • Advisory Services

  • Enterprise Centre - Office Space

  • Innovation Centre

  • Laboratory Facilities - Lab suites ideal for high level bioscience research

  • Scientific Facilities

  • Infrastructure Support

  • Funding Support

  • Management Workshop

  • Technical Workshops

  • Industrial Estate

  • Business Development, Coaching & Handling

  • Business Education

  • Business (science / techno park) Park

Science and Biotech Industrial Parks

It is developed as a scientific industrial city spanning large acres of land that house biosciences companies, research institutes, R&D laboratories and pharmacy biotech organizations. These organizations in turn employ researchers, scientists, technicians for various fields of research that embrace drug development, medical diagnostics, biomedical engineering, forensics and environmental analysis etc. These systems are envisioned to become a thriving biotech/ scientific ecosystem catering to the entire gamut of biotech industries. They offer multi-varied services that attend from individuals/ Institutes to research organizations needing incubation, that desire to scale up their products through fully integrated product manufacturing.

These parks facilitate the transfer of new and hitherto unused technologies from larger life-science companies to smaller biological firms or institutes. They bridge the gap between research institutes, educational institutes and life science companies, providing access to cutting-edge, innovative, cost-effective technologies suitable for life-science industries (pharma, biotech, diagnostics and medical device), especially MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). The services rendered could include the comprehensive services for investors, complete data on assistance and handling of investment incentives, bio-property identification, life science / health care services, biological data expertise and relevant instrumentations and equipment’s, biological business infrastructure development and their access to structural and technological funds. The benefits of such tech transfer platforms facilitates cross-interaction and networking among stakeholders of pharma / biotech / diagnostics / medical device industries


India's biggest platform for Technology Accessing, Sourcing, and Licensing for Indian life-science industry, especially MSMEs was the recent Tech Transfer 2012 held in Gujarat . ICICI Knowledge Park (now IKP Knowledge Park or simply IKP) has been facilitating business driven Research & Development for over a decade now..

Prominent Biotechnology across India

Biotech park





Alexandria biotech (Shapoorji Pallonji Biotech Park)

Houses over 100 companies

Hyderabad genome valley

Genome Valley is a perfect blend of knowledge parks, special economic zones (SEZs), multi-tenanted lab space buildings, incubation facilities, and office space along with outstanding support facilities.

Genome Valley is India's first organized cluster for life science research & development activities, with more than 100 companies located in its eco-friendly environment.

TICEL Bio Park

5 acres


Hub for Biotech R&D industry in major domains of Biotechnology such as Medical Biotechnology, Nutraceuticals, Agricultural Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

The tenancy area has 74 modules of 1525 sq.ft. each, available for clients to develop their own customized R&D labs of BSL2 standards, upgradeable to BSL3, in accordance with GLP standards..

ICICI knowledge park

200 acres

Hyderabad genome valley

Life Sciences, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech products and and state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to the start-up companies

Park has developed as a world class centre for leading-edge business driven research. It is recognized as the scientific and industrial research organization, and is entitled to full customs and excise duty waivers.

Biotechnology city Lucknow (Biotech Park)



Biotechnology Park, Lucknow, is a technology incubator that offers incubation and state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to the start-up companies.

The park has been approved as the Industrial Park. The park is now eligible for incentives and concessions under the Industrial Park Scheme, 2002, of the Government of India.

Agri Science Park



The Government of Andhra Pradesh has established the Agri Science Park .

Commercialization of scientific technologies and knowledge through market mechanisms.

Food Safety Laboratory.

Genetic Transformation and Applied Genomics Laboratory equipment


International Biotech Park,

100 acres


Life Sciences, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech products and processes

Contributes 20% of Industrial output, Strength in Research & Development sector. Rich Human Capital base – low cost / highly skilled manpower

rajeshKINFRA Biotech Park

25 acres


Commercialization of scientific technologies and knowledge through market mechanisms

Modules for R & D in biotechnology, pilot plant and a Business Enterprise Zone consisting of developed plots to be utilized for setting up industrial units.

Bangalore Helix

14 acres


Helix offers incubation facility, common instrumentation facility, a business centre, commercial and recreational areas, high-end computing facility, pilot plant, medical sample repository, gene bank etc.

Bangalore Helix, the biotech cluster being planned by the Karnataka government, aims to support biotech units with common infrastructure. The biotech incubator is coming up in an area of about 10-15 acres in the Biotech Park. Bangalore

MITCON Biotech Park



Training facility and consultancy wing for various disciplines in Bio-Technology, Agriculture, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical has been set up to boost commercialization through incubation & training.

The centre houses facilities for Microbiology, Tissue Culture, Bio-fertilizer, Bio-pesticides, Genomics, Plant tissue culture sales and supply center, Bioinformatics laboratories.

Golden Jubilee Biotech Park for Women Society

20 acres


The Park has a Technical Resource Center (TRC) to assist in the field of quality testing, technology development and training.

Provide Short and Long Term training modules for College students and others.

Provide microbiological Testing facility to other production units within the Biotech Park and outside.

Gujarat Akruti TCG Biotech Park (Gujarat Akruti biotech park)

708 acre


Life Sciences, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech products and processes

Phase I consist of Bio Incubation facility with Wet labs and common Instrumentation Library.

Phase II and III consisit of Built to suit plots, Animal House, Business centers, Hotels , Malls and township.


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