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Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance launches a new Clinical and Public Health Research scheme

Lalvani Ajit,

Quote from the Chair of the new Committee, Prof Ajit Lalvani

 India produces some of the best biomedical scientists in the world and the quality of biomedical research being conducted in India today is of the highest level internationally. India has founded many world-class biomedical research institutions and nurtured a strong culture of intellectual enquiry. The India Alliance has successfully engaged with this burgeoning national research enterprise through identifying and supporting some of the brightest and most promising scientific leaders of the future.

India also produces some of the best physicians in the world, yet there is a dearth of physicians conducting high quality medical research. This is not a result of lack of aptitude as many leading clinician scientists in the US and UK are of Indian origin. My experience of the medical profession in India has taught me that conscientious, committed Indian doctors are amongst the busiest, most overworked professionals in the world. The sheer scale of medical need is so large, that all their time is consumed in clinical service. Despite this huge clinical service burden, physicians do frequently generate cogent research questions but have no time to even begin to address them.

The new Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance Clinical and Public Health Research Committee aims to tackle this issue. Its remit is to identify talented clinicians with well-conceived research questions in the areas of clinical medicine and public health and provide them with the time and support they require to address their question through research excellence. This will provide busy clinicians with a few years of protected time away from the demands of their clinical practice to develop their research skills and pursue their scientific goals. It is my firm hope that this committee will thus help create a new cadre of well-trained clinician scientists who can go on to deliver innovative solutions to some of India’s most pressing unmet medical and public health needs.


Professor Ajit Lalvani MA, DM, FRCP, FSB, FMedSci
Chair of Infectious Diseases,
Head, Respiratory Infections Section,
Director, Tuberculosis Research Centre,
National Institute of Health Research Senior Investigator,
National Heart and Lung Institute,
Imperial College London

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