Improving high school and college science education is critical for the future of Indian science. We hope that this Education Page will become a focal point for discussions and exchanges of ideas on how to stimulate science education.

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Maithili Jog on Milind Watve’s unique "Katta"      
L.S. Shashidhara on "Integrating research with undergraduate teaching"      
S. C. Lakhotia on "Hype and the Reality of Biotechnology"
Nobel Prize Winner Venki Ramakrishnan's autobiographical story on "From Chidambaram to Cambridge" 
K. Guruswamy on The Exciting Science Group, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.
Urmi S. Bajpai on "Research Experiences for College Students"
Swati Patankar "Scientist and Teacher"
MC Arunan "University-Institute Interactions: How will it Improve Undergraduate Biology Training in India?"
Manoj Kumar S and Aman Chauhan "Doing a PhD - Here's what you need to know"
Aditi Bhattacharya "Integrated PhD - A road less travelled and understood"
Anil Kumar Challa and Asim Auti "National Workshop for Undergraduate Biology Teachers"

Athulaprabha Murthi (ANDC feature) "Research at Undergraduate Level"

Surjeet Kumar Arya "Transformation"

Anaga Nair(FYBSc) &  Sanjana Nair(SYBSc) "Microbes- the macro fest!!"

Dr. Vijay Kothari "M.Sc. Dissertations, Scientific Writing, and Recommendation Letters"


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