G.V.Shivashankar (1) & Michael Sheetz (1,2)

A note to potential faculty applicants

Word It OutStart Early, Actively Research Possibilities, Articulate Clear Research Goals - advice on how to make an impact when applying for faculty positions.

Dr. Sathish Sadagopan | 8 November 2012

Career in Biotech industry/ academia in India

Decision to move back to India

After completing PhD in India I did my first post doc in Singapore for 2 years followed by second post doc in the US for 6 years where I became a junior faculty for 1 year before I moved back to an industry position in India about 1 year back. I work for a drug discovery based CRO (Contract Research Organization) we do preclinical research from hit to lead and lead optimization. Most often than not, as one is in a transition periods in career, the mind is in a confused state, trying to decide the next step.

Dr. Prajakta Dandekar Jain & Dr. Ratnesh Jain

Our desire to manage a ‘dual career program’ stemmed from our belief and experience with a quote which says, “ Personal life adds dimensions to your professional life and vice versa. It helps nurture creativity through a deeper understanding of yourself.”

Dr. Savita Ayyar

This is a time of tremendous expansion in Indian science and the mood is one of optimism, change and opportunity for scientists. It is important to appreciate that India today has tremendous possibilities not just for science per se, but for the extended range of activities that are now needed to sustain cutting-edge scientific research.

From lab-bench to a desk at India Alliance

At 15, I was sure I wanted to do a PhD. Biology intrigued me, I thought DNA replication was more symphonic than Beethoven's 5th, and a career discovering fundamental truths was a privilege. When my postdoc-stint did not go my way, I started exploring other things in which I could combine my interest of science and education. This is when I realised that there were career choices beyond a life in academia!

Dr Vishakha Mangale | 26 JUNE 2010 | filed under: Jobs

Making a Transition from Academia to Industry.

Completely new arena of bright career has opened up in India. Biotechnology sector is offering deserving candidate jobs in their own country, with salaries that can match global market.

Saima Aijaz | 17 OCT 2009 | filed under : Jobs

Finding and Starting a Job at Jawaharlal Nehru University
It was July 2006 when I started applying for a faculty position in Delhi. At the time, I had been a post-doc at University College London where I was working on the molecular characterization of epithelial tight junctions. 

K. VijayRaghavan | 09 OCT 2009 | filed under : Jobs

Careers in India

If you want a job in India, you need a sense of humor and a good CV. A thick skin, which makes you insensitive to real and imaginary slights, and a personality that is sensitive to the concerns of others also helps.    

Aurnab Ghose | 09 OCT 2009 | filed under : Jobs

Perspective on finding a job and starting a lab in India
I started looking for an Assistant Professor or equivalent positions in research-led institutions in India in early 2007 hoping to get one by the third quarter of the year leaving me sufficient time to wind up my affairs and return by the end of the year.

Jonaki Sen | 08 OCT 2009 | filed under : Jobs

Coming as a pair: Finding jobs and managing careers in India

My husband Amitabha Bandyopadhyay and I decided towards the beginning of 2005 that we would be looking for jobs in India. Two factors mainly contributed to this decision:

Mukund Thattai | 08 OCT 2009 | filed under : Jobs

Find the right research environment, and make it work for you

I rediscovered that biology could be interesting, well into the second year of my PhD in condensed matter physics at MIT. Visiting my family in Bangalore and finding myself at a loose end one afternoon,

Ron Vale | 8 OCT 2009 | filed under : Jobs

The Dos and Dont’s of Finding a Good Postdoc

Finding a good postdoc position is important for your career and also a challenge. Doing all or part of your postdoc overseas can be a very rewarding experience. The challenge is that good laboratories ...

Shubha Tole | 20 SEPT 2009 | filed under : Jobs

Looking for an academic job in India?
SHUBHA TOLE from TIFR, Mumbai provides some basic FAQs to get started ..