Asim M. Autia ( and Anil Kumar Challab, PhD (


Experiencing the journey of science through “The Book Project” at Garware College, Pune

Storytelling in its many forms is a unique cultural aspect of the human species.  It has clearly given an enormous advantage to the survival and propagation of our species.  Storytelling most likely originated in our ancestral communities to share information and pass on knowledge.  Storytelling in the guise of entertainment is more powerful and effective.  The literary heritage of all ancient civilizations provide us with ample examples of this fact, be it important ethical values in Valmiki’s Ramayana, valuable socio political knowledge in Vyasa’s Mahabharata or Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.  In Peter Guber’s words, storytelling creates an emotional component to bind with information, making it (the information) memorable, resonant and actionable[1].

Sneha Sharma, Hanif Paliwal and Preeti Mishra

The two day lecture workshop on ‘Frontiers in cell and molecular biology’ organized by Indian National Science Academy, Vidya Bhawan Society and Indiabioscience introduced undergraduate students from the region to some great minds from various countries including the Nobel laureate Martin Chalfie. While the interaction was aimed at students, senior faculty members from different universities also availed of this unique and rare opportunity to hear speakers talk about the decreasing boundaries between various science disciplines

National Workshop for Undergraduate Biology Teachers
11-14 January 2012.  Pune, India.

Among the many initiatives to revamp education in India is one that has been spearheaded by the teachers – ‘National Workshop by Biology Teachers’ a report by Anil Kumar Challa and Asim Auti

Doing a PhD - Here's what you need to know

Inspired by many stories of scientific discoveries, a career in research is the first priority for majority of students joining college. That first priority, over the next couple of years, gets changed for many when there is a general lack of awareness/guidance about national fellowship programmes compounded with the reality of having an immediate job, to shoulder the responsibilities of their families, comes into picture. This article attempts to bridge that awareness gap, and outline the opportunities for research, to benefit any student who aspires to begin a career in research and stay close to science.

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Hype and the Reality of Biotechnology

Biotechnology has become a very common, but also most mis-understood, term due to the hype created about its potential so that the sky seems to be the limit for the hopes and visions generated by biotechnology.