Tarun Bhatia

Tarun Bhatia writes about a study that to predict the risk of occurrence of type 2 Diabetes mellitus among undergraduate students in Mumbai, using a risk score called the Indian Diabetes Risk Score (IDRS). 

Microbes- the macro fest!!
'Microbes' is the annual fest of the department of Microbiology, Ramnarain Ruia College. History has always witnessed its grandeur throughout the ages, and this year was no exception with the enthusiasm of students and support lent by professors.



By Surjeet Kumar Arya (BMS alum from ANDC) 

(reproduced from the annual magazine of Dept. of Biomedical Science, ANDC – BioMeR)


What is transformation?

Small thing, but great in potential

It offers boundless opportunities

To cure mankind of many maladies

Integrated PhD: a road less travelled and understood

With the winter season coming in, it is that time of the year, when final year undergraduates are thinking “Hey, college is almost over. So, what do we do next?” Science and engineering students are increasingly looking to opportunities in academia and research given the recent explosion of funding and institutes in India. A few may also be flirting with the idea of doing an Integrated MS-PhD. It’s for this group that this article blog is relevant.