Granting Agency: 
Must be a Professional Body or affiliated to one.
Award Amount: 
10 lakhs maximum
3 months prior to event
Enclosures pertaining to the event - Attendees, speakers, venue, brochures, advertisement, itinerary Affliation certificated Audited statements Utilization certificate, statement of expenditure Letter from institution head Clearances/approval to hold the meeting Amongst others

The Department extends partial support on a selective basis, for organizing seminar / symposia/ training programmes / workshops / conferences at national as well as international level. The support is provided to Research Institutes/ Universities/Medical and Engineering Colleges and other Academic Institutes/ Professional Bodies who organize such events for the scientific community to keep them abreast of the latest developments in their specific areas. The support is generally given for encouraging participation of young scientists and research workers in such events and publication of proceedings / abstracts for wider dissemination. Approximately 275 seminars/ symposia, including international events are supported each year.

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