Leishmaniasis Research Society (India)

Leishmaniasis Research Society (India), a society formed to fight and eradicate Kala Azar in India by collaborating effectively between academic institutions and industry, Neeloo Singh the founder and secretary of the society tells you more……….

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Bio-Incubators :- Bringing Ideas to Life

More often than not scientific researchers stumble across scientific discoveries that can be either patented or be commercially viable when intended for a production scale up. For example consider an anti cancer therapeutic agent discovered in the confinements of lab, the researcher has a great opportunity if he decides to patent it and sell it to a pharmaceutical company. So how is it realized? The solution is Bio-Incubator.

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Aditi Bhattacharya

‘Translational Tadka’: a recipe booklet for the bench scientist

Aditi Bhattacharya gives a flavour of the different ingredients that help to successfully carry over ones research findings from the lab bench to the patients' bedsides.

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Anil Kumar Challa | 30 DEC 2011

Low budget digital microscopy for schools and informal learning environments.

When I began interacting with children (elementary to high school) in Hyderabad, I realized that it was not very easy to get them excited about biology.  This was especially visible when one saw the excitement that chemistry experiments created.  I could even bring some excitement into astronomy using the open-source 'Stellarium' software.

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Arjun Srivathsa

The establishment of the East India Company in the 18th century and the consequent reign in India opened up a bounty of genres to be explored. One such aspect was the rich natural biological diversity that the country housed. While this mainly drew the attention of several sportsmen and game-hunters, it also received a fair share of interest from a group of biologists. This group included botanists, mammalogists, ornithologists, herpetologists, surgeons and physicians, the latter generally associated with the British cavalry. One such medical physician-surgeon was Thomas Caverhill Jerdon. A medical surgeon by profession, he is known for his contributions in mammalogy, ornithology and herpetology of British India.

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Athulaprabha Murthi

The month of March saw a landmark decision by an Indian Court, wherein it granted compulsory license to an Indian pharmaceutical – NATCO to manufacture generic version of the drug Nexavar thereby breaking Bayor’s monoplogy on this life saving drug for Hepatocarcinoma. Frontline, an Indian magazine came up with an issue dedicated to Indian Patent law covering medicinal drugs and how that affects the pharmaceutical companies. This May 4th issue is available online for anyone interested- http://www.frontlineonnet.com/fl2908/fl290800.htm.

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Chandni Gurrusrikar & Vidut Jauhari

In the year 1952 with a view to preserve the fauna of India, particularly to take urgent steps to prevent extinction of any species, the Government of India established an Indian Board of Wild Life (IBWL).  The Board has since been doing pioneering work to arouse public consciousness in favour of wildlife preservation.

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Dr V Ramasubramanian

Tragic Irony of a Miracle

 The serendipitous observation by Alexander Fleming on the morning of September 3, 1928, a halo of inhibition of bacterial growth around a contaminant blue-green mould, paved the way for the discovery of a miracle - Penicillium notatum, from which penicillin was produced. This was the first step in the journey towards the antibiotic revolution. Antibiotics helped transform the practice of medicine in the fight against bacterial infections. The heady euphoria created by the discovery of various antibiotics in the 1950s prompted Dr William Stewart, the Surgeon General of the United States to remark, “The time has come to close the book on Infectious Diseases. We have basically wiped out infections in the United States”. But we failed to realize the resilience of the microbes; their survival skills characterized by their ability to develop resistance in the face of antibiotic pressure started the fight back.

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Dr. Anuradha Lohia | 07 OCT 2009 | filed under : Grants

Fun in Funding! The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance
The Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance, an independent, public charitable trust based in India that has been recently established by the Wellcome Trust (UK) and the Government of India’s Department of Biotechnology.

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Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed | 07 MAR 2011 | filed under : Jobs

Cutting-edge Technology Platforms in India

C-CAMP is a new center in Bangalore that provides access to cutting-edge technologies in the life sciences.  Learn what it has to offer..


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