Satyajit Mayor | 09 OCT 2009 | filed under : Collaborate

The importance of collaborations in the biosciences in India

Biological research in the contemporary sense requires a broad multidisciplinary scientific base. With the traditional strength of the physical and natural science disciplines available in India,

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G. P. Manjunath and Farhat Habib

ENCODE – The first flag on a new frontier

G.P.Manjunath and Farhat Habib

For the data junkies among us Christmas came early this year! Five years after the first set of publications the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) consortium has released a comprehensive analysis of the human epigenome. The project that kicked off in 2003, released data sets from the pilot phase in mid 2007. In June of that year, a paper detailing the analysis of functional elements in 1% of the human genome was published in Nature with 36 other papers in Genome Research. Just over 5 years later, the ENCODE project reported a similar analysis of the entire human genome in 30 publications across 3 journals.

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