Ron   Vale

UCSF,  San Francisco

Genentech Hall, N312, UCSF , 600 16th Street ,
San Franciscco , CA ,
USA , 94158

I am a :   Scientist or Administrator Outside of India

About my work

I have been interested in biological movement and molecular motors since I was a graduate student. Currently in our laboratory at UCSF, we continue to study the motility mechanism of kinesin and dynein, two microtubule-based motor protein. To decipher how these motors work, we use a wide range of techniques, including single molecule imaging, x-ray crystallography, protein engineering and electron microscopy. This work mostly involves studying purified motor proteins in vitro. However, we are also interested in how molecular motors and numerous other cytoskeletal proteins participate in complex cell behavior such as organelle transport, mitosis, and cell morphology. As a relatively new project, we also have begun to study T cell signaling using microscopy and biochemical approaches. In addition to our scientific work, I am very interested in educational efforts. I have founded a web based seminar series called, a children’s microscopy web site (, this web site ( and the Young Investigator Meeting. My family (wife and two children who are 15 and 13 now) spent an eight month sabbatical at the National Center for Biological Science in Bangalore and have made many friends in India and hope to be involved with India and Indian science for many years to come.



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